“Finding Happiness in America” How my adopted country healed my life

It is the sequel to my first book ” WHERE is HOME” How a Childhood in East Germany during World War ll Shaped My Adult Life.

FINDING HAPPINESS in AMERICA gets a lot of attention. I tell my observation and impressions of this new country for me in 1966 and on. Reading it you live every moment with me by my side. You will love my anecdotes and adventures from the date I arrived in America through the birth of our children. Get a preview on AMAZON

I am happy to see a review in our local newspaper THE RIVERDALE PRESS. Interestingly, when our children were young, I was their mother. Now I get stopped in the street and now have a name.

Dear reader, writer, what have you learned? I would love to hear from you.

Have a good day and a good life.

Anneros Valensi

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