BUY Where is home? How a Childhood in East Germany during World War II Shaped My Adult Life by Anneros Valensi


Soft Cover | 978-1-9469-7844-8 | $17.95
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136 Pages

“Valensi effectively conveys the distress a young child would experience when forced to leave everything familiar by focusing on the small things, such as the pain of leaving a beloved doll behind and her ability to endure exile with the sanguine expectation that they will be reunited someday.

Kirkus Reviews

“Valensi gives us an inside look at her life, a different perspective of what life was like behind the “enemy” lines as a child. She chronicles her childhood filled with fear and uncertainty of growing up in a war torn country to her young adulthood filled with pride and achievement in Where is Home. Her inspirational account will draw you right into the heart of a strong young person who never gave up the search for a better life.”

Chanticleer Book Reviews