Be Prepared When Opportunity Knocks


A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

Winston Churchill

Know what an opportunity looks like? Most people don’t. Opportunities often come and go without us knowing. The problem is, we don’t immediately see opportunities for what they are. There are no blatant signs telling us “Hey! Big opportunity here!” We have to discern it ourselves. To be able to see an opportunity when it comes makes a big difference in the path we take in life.

Life will give you a bunch of opportunities, however, it is up to you to take advantage of it. They often come at the most unexpected times. I was fortunate enough to realize the great opportunity I had when it was presented to me. Back when I was working as a nurse in Nordenham, opportunity came knocking on my door. And I answered. You see, I always wanted to travel and see the world. Then one day, a new nurse named Ute arrived on our floor. She had just returned from London, where she had spent one year as an au pair. After hearing her stories, I just knew that I had to try my luck working as an au pair in a foreign country. I went to London, and the rest was history.

Oh, I had more opportunities after that. My employer in London happens to be the managing director of STC (Standard Telephone and Cables), and he told me that his company is planning to buy a plane. He said they would need a stewardess and offered me the job. Of course, I was overwhelmed at first. But soon enough, I realized that this was an opportunity I could not pass up. That’s how I became a stewardess, and eventually being a stewardess would bring me to this wonderful country I call home today.

Opportunities often involve change. And people are afraid of change and the unknown. If you want to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you, you must be willing to take the first steps into the unknown – the world beyond. If you have nothing to lose, then go for it. Maybe you will be as lucky as I am.

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Anneros Valensi was born in Falkenau, Silesia, East Germany in 1938. She was just six years old when the war and its fallout struck her and her family. Valensi became a registered nurse and in 1961 she moved to London, England working for Standard Telephone & Cables as stewardess on the company plane. While living there, she was hired by Trans World Airlines to train as flight attendant and in 1966 she immigrated to America. She has two children and three grandchildren and currently lives in New York.

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