“Finding Happiness in America” is now available for purchase


Hello Readers, my memoir’s sequel, “Finding Happiness in America — How My Adopted Country Healed My Life,” has been published! It is available for purchase as paperback at Amazon.com, and soon will also be available in Kindle e-Book format.


In this sequel, I build on my memoir of my youth in postwar Germany. This book focuses on my adult life — romance, career, motherhood, and more. I am visiting New York City in 1964 amid the excitement of the world’s fair. As a former resident of Germany, I was entranced by the luxuries, excesses, and freedoms of the city and resolves to move to America.


My dream comes when I am hired as a TWA flight attendant and embark for Kansas City, dreaming of a new life in a vibrant country. My path takes me to unexpected places and I learn the best and worst about my adopted country. I meet the wonderful man I will one day marry, become a mother, and express thanks for my new country and the many opportunities life gave me.


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