The Peaks and Valleys of Life


Life is filled with peaks and valleys. It is filled with ups and downs. Good times and bad times. Whether you are dealing with physical or mental pain, there are times when you can joke around and laugh despite everything, and there are times when you simply feel like crying and you just had enough of it. Life will not always be on the upswing. So, enjoy the peaks whenever you can, and learn to appreciate them. During down times, you should also remember that those dark days would pass and learn from the challenges. Life is never all ups or all downs.

Yes, life is filled with valleys. You will experience a lot of bad times; a lot of struggles, disappointments, and plans gone awry. You will feel like you are falling into a hole of darkness that you couldn’t crawl out of. But life is also filled with peaks, where your dreams come true, and opportunities are present. Of course, how each person manage to balance the emotional ups and downs differs.

I went through my fill of peaks and valleys throughout my life and I am thankful for every one of them. Yes, even the bad times. Because those dark days made me what I am today. Those struggles made me stronger, and made me realize that I can face anything. Nothing is impossible if I put my mind into it. What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger. Well, being optimistic greatly helps too.

We should learn to appreciate life’s blessings during the good times, and at the same time learn from the challenges that we face during the bad times. Life is full of ups and downs. And that’s what makes it interesting.

Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery – there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair.

Rick Warren


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Anneros Valensi was born in Falkenau, Silesia, East Germany in 1938. She was just six years old when the war and its fallout struck her and her family. Valensi became a registered nurse and in 1961 she moved to London, England working for Standard Telephone & Cables as stewardess on the company plane. While living there, she was hired by Trans World Airlines to train as flight attendant and in 1966 she immigrated to America. She has two children and three grandchildren and currently lives in New York.

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